Integration of polarized spatial frequency domain imaging (pSFDI) with a biaxial mechanical testing system for quantification of load-dependent collagen architecture in soft collagenous tissues

The scientific abstract is available at the above link to the article. In laymans terms, we built an imaging system to understand how tissue microstructures - the proteins that give tissues like skin and ligaments their strength - change when tissues …

Microstructural Imaging

Quantifying the orientation and spread of collagen fibers in tissue through a polarization-based imaging system.

An investigation of regional variations in the biaxial mechanical properties and stress relaxation behaviors of porcine atrioventricular heart valve leaflets

This article extends the existing quantifications of the mechanics of mitral and tricuspid valve leaflets by examining spatial variance in leaflet mechanics. We tested the individual regions *(A-F)* shown above with standard biaxial testing protocols …

An investigation of the anisotropic mechanical properties and anatomical structure of porcine atrioventricular heart valves

In this article, we present **1.)** a thorough analysis of the anisotropic, or directionally-dependent, mechanical properties of atrioventricular, i.e. mitral and tricuspid, heart valve leaflets, **2.)** an examination of the effects of biaxial …

Biomechanics and Biomaterials Design Lab

A link to the homepage of the Biomechanics and Biomaterials Design Lab.

Heart Valve Biaxial Mechanical Testing

Characterizing the mechanics of heart valve leaflet tissue through biaxial mechanical testing.

A Study on the Spatial Variance in the Mechanics and Microstructure of Heart Valves

Biaxial Mechanical Testing and Constitutive Model Development of Atrioventricular Valve Leaflets

Heart valve diseases are some of the most prevalent modern maladies, with more than 5 million cases diagnosed in America each year. These complex diseases vary in affliction mechanism but are correlated with changes to the leaflet mechanics and …