Internship at American Fidelity

I wrote code for automation of business processes over the Fall of 2018 at American Fidelity. We used UIPath, a robotic process automation software, to develop software solutions that can save employee time. UIPath provides a platform for graphical programming via drag-and-drop functions and Visual Basic syntax for data handling and variable manipulation. For example, in our current project we are helping an employee on the legal team to convert all client communication records – including pdfs, word documents, transcripts of each phone conversation, and explanation of benefits – into a single pdf file. We use the automation software to sort through the records, delete the repeat documents, use optical character recognition (OCR) to read the client number in each document to ensure there are no misplaced files, and compile the collected records into a pdf. We are also working on a machine learning based project to forward incoming emails to the proper departments. To learn the appropriate algorithm to use for sorting, we are using a machine learning algorithm management software called DataRobot. I am enjoying both projects thus far and am excited to contribute to these and other projects that will save my colleagues time on mindless, repetitive tasks.